We provide a range of information to support organisations and individuals who are responsible for corporate parenting or throughcare and aftercare services. All documents can be downloaded.

Claiming after care - Care leavers and the benefits system

This report by The Children's Society builds on previous work and provides evidence of the financial difficulties faced by care leavers in England. The report contains case studies and lists recommedations for the Department of Work and Pensions, JobCentre Plus and local authorities.


Care leavers and council tax

Read about the impact of the council tax on care leavers and the financial hardship they face.

From Care to Independence                        

From Care to Independence is a five-year research project funded by the Big Lottery Fund, and delivered by The Prince’s Trust. As part of From Care to Independence, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) conducted research with young people and Programme Executives of the Fairbridge programme, delivered by The Prince’s Trust Between 2012 and 2017. This research is based on England.

Rights to care

A guide to continuing care and aftercare for care experienced young people.

Rights to care flowchart

A guide to working your way through the continuing care and aftercare maze and know your rights.

Care Leavers and Council Tax Exemption

A CELCIS and Scottish Care Leavers Covenant summary of council tax exemption for care leavers and the differences between English and Scottish council tax powers.

Making Connections: Supporting the identification of care leavers in the justice system

A summary paper from the Making Connections workshop which supported the implementation of the agenda for change under the Youth and Criminal Justice section of the Covenant.

Covenant newsletter - Winter 2016

Want to know what the Alliance have been doing since the launch? Or, find out what we have planned.

Identification of looked after young people and care leavers by justice agencies

This briefing by the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice advises on who is a looked after person/carer leaver, how and why it’s important to identity them, and how they can be supported.

Agenda for Change template

This accessible resource for Corporate Parents and other organisations providing support services to care leavers supports the preparation of Corporate Parenting Plans and service delivery plans. The framework can be incorporated and integrated fully into local plans, or can be adapted to meet local circumstances and specific outcomes.

Relationships matter project

This two-year project was facilitated by Iriss and led by the Relationships Matter Collective, a group of inspirational practitioners and young people who were brave enough to challenge, and confident enough to promote, continued relationships between practitioners and young people as they leave care.

Scottish Care Leavers Covenant

The Scottish Care Leavers Covenant outlines the changes needed to give care leavers the bright and better future they deserve. It outlines the cross-sector approach to support the implementation of Part 10 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, by bringing consistency to entitlement and support to young people.

Scottish Care Leavers Covenant summary

An eight-page condensed version of the full Covenant document.

Residential Child Care Workers: Practice Learning Exchange

Residential child care staff from Shetland and Falkirk Councils spent time at each other's workplace in a learning exchange project, supported by CELCIS. Empowering, developing and nurturing residential child care staff this way helped staff to take ownership and responsibility in developing themselves and their services.

At relatively low-cost to the sector, this approach shared learning and residential child care staff were supported through professional networks, based on a mutual learning experience.

You can read about the challenges, learning and benefits in this evaluation of the project.

Sharing Practice to Improve Outcomes for Care Leavers

Evaluation report for the inter-authority learning exchange between Shetland Islands, Falkirk and Glasgow Councils throughcare and aftercare teams in 2014.

The report describes the planning process, in-situ experience, and post-exchange learning of participants, it also report highlights the positive learning outcomes and benefits and identifies ideas for future applications of this learning and practice exchange model to improve practice for looked after young people and care leavers.

Throughcare and Aftercare Services in Scotland’s Local Authorities: A National Study

This joint research by CELCIS and Staf establishes a picture of current throughcare and aftercare (TCAC) provision across Scotland’s local authorities and provides evidence that will inform ongoing debates about future directions and priorities for TCAC. It provides an evidence base to ensure all care leavers receive the support they need to make a successful and positive transition into adult life.

Inform: Housing Options and Care Leavers

A CELCIS Inform briefing providing an overview of information, policy and legislation and outlining the housing and accommodation options that will improve outcomes for care leavers.