Thank you to the following individuals and organisations for signing up to endorse the Scottish Care Leavers Covenant.

If you want to join the hundreds of organisations and individuals who have pledged to help make life better for care leavers, visit the sign up page now.

A McGill, Aberdeen City Council
Adele Fraser, Johnstone/Linwood / Renfrewshire
Adele Tilley on behalf of Tilley Solutions
Aileen Nicol, CELCIS
Aileen Wilson, Inverclyde Council
Ailsa Williams, Moray Council
Aimee Crausaz, Scottish Borders Council
Alan Connick, St Andrews Primary, Inverclyde
Alan Dick, Port Glasgow High School
Alan Keane
Alan Lafferty on behalf of East Renfrewshire Council
Alan McNiven on behalf of Engage Renfrewshire
Alan Webb
Alana Perry on behalf of Quarriers Family Support Service
Alex Grant on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council
Alex Nicoll, Aberdeen City Council
Alexis Mulvenna on behalf of Burnside House, West Dunbartonshire Council
Alice, Who Cares? Scotland
Alison Findlay
Alison Mooney, Barnardos 16+ Edinburgh
Alison Tinker, EAC
Alison Todd, Children 1st
Alistair Macintosh, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
Alistair Stewart, YPICC
Allan J White, West Dunbartonshire Council
Allan Kidd, JMT Care Services Ltd
Amy Fleming, Barnardos Fostering
Amy Gordon, The Willows, Aberdeen
Amy Mundy, Inverclyde HSCP
Andrew Cameron, on behalf of Staf
Andrew Sutherland
Andy Sloan, Care Inspectorate
Angela Brown, East Ayrshire Council
Angela Edwards, Education Services, Inverclyde
Angela Smith, Social Work
Angela Ward, National Confidential Forum
Angie Watt, Care Visions
Angus MacDonald MSP
Angus Skinner
Ann Martin, Argyll and Bute Council
Anna Fowlie on behalf of Scottish Social Services Council
Anna Swan
Anna Wylie on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council
Anne Dickie on behalf of Glen Housing Association
Anne Donaldson, Aberdeen City Council
Anne McTaggart MSP
Anne Trevorrow, NLC
Anne Whyte, on behalf of National Fostering Agency Scotland
Annie Ritchie, West Dunbartonshire Council
Ashley Cameron, Who Cares? Scotland
Audrey Baird, Good Shepherd Centre
Audrey Cumberford, West Dunbartonshire Council
Avril Pintus
Barbie Jordan, on behalf of Glasgow Kelvin College
Ben Farrugia, CELCIS
Ben McKinnon, Skills Development Scotland
Bob Grant on behalf of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce
Bob McLean, Inverclyde HSCP
Bobby Wilson, Argyll and Bute Council
Brendan O'Hara MP, MP Argyll and Bute
Brian Docherty, West Dunbartonshire Council
Brian McClafferty, CYCJ
Brian Rodden    
Brooke Reid, Care Inspectorate
Bruce Adamson, Children and Young People's Commissioner
Bruce Harkin, Scottish Government
Bryan Ritchie on behalf of Fostering Relations
Cameron Forester on behalf of Rees Foundation
Cara Hilton MSP for Dunfermline
Carly Edgar, Who Cares? Scotland
Carol Behenna, Care Visions
Carol Thomson, West Dunbartonshire Council
Carol Thomson, West Dunbartonshire Council
Carol Wassell, CELCIS
Carole Murphy, on behalf of CYCJ
Carolyn Wells, Care Visions
Carron Bell, SCRA/WC?S
Catherine Rodden,     North Lanarkshire Council
Catherine Will, Care Visions
Cathy Jamieson on behalf of Care Visions
Catriona Hutchison, Student of Social Work
Catriona Miller, Aileymill Primary, Inverclyde
Charles Rock, Kilmarnock Social Work C and F, East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Cheryl Kiff on behalf of Argyll and Bute Children and Families
Child Rights Partners, UNICEF, UK
Chloe Dobson, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Chloe Shields, Supporter
Christian Allard MSP
Christina McKenzie, RGU
Christina Moriarty, South Ayrshire Council
Christine MacEachen, Care Visions
Claire Agnew, CELCIS
Claire Gavin, Dundee University Student
Claire Lightowler on behalf of Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice
Claire O'Hara, MCR Pathways
Clancy, Dundee City Council
Clare McCafferty, CELCIS
Claudia Beamish MSP, Scottish Labour
Claudia Macdonald, Who Cares? Scotland
Cleland Sneddon, Argyll and Bute Council
Cllr Aileen Morton, Argyll & Bute Council
Cllr Gill Samarai, Aberdeen City Council
Cllr Jackie Dunbar, SNP Group, Aberdeen City Council
Cllr Julie McKenzie, on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council  
Cllr. Gail Casey, on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council      
Cllr. Jacqueline Henry, Renfrewshire Council
Cllr. Neil MacGregor, Aberdeen City Council
Colin Beattie MSP
Corri Wilson MP
Craig McNally, NHS Highland
Craig Ritchie, Glasgow City Council
Dan McCabe, RGU
Danielle Logan, YouthLink Scotland
Danny Henderson on behalf of Care Visions
Davey Blackie 
David Barr, Aberlour
David Cowan
David Killean on behalf of Borders College
David Metcalf, Care Visions
David Mitchell, Rossie Young People's Trust
David Naismith, Kibble Care and Education Centre
David Noble, Hillside School
David Orr, Edinburgh Young People's Service (YPS)
David Robertson, Argyll and Bute Council
David Stewart MSP, Scottish Parliament
Davie Simpson, Inverclyde Throughcare Team
Debbie Nolan, Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice
Deborah Cowan, Life Changes Trust
Deirdre Brock MP
Del, WDC
Denise Crawford, Inverclyde Academy
Denise Gilhooley on behalf of Foster Care Connect
Denise Stacey,  Ms
Dennis Robertson MSP, Scottish Parliament
Denny Ford, Who Cares? Scotland
Derek Kennedy, BTHA
Derek Manson-Smith, Children’s Hearings Scotland
Derek Neilson, Care Visions
Dermot O Regan, Carevisions
Donald MacMillan, on behalf of Argyll & Bute Council      
Donna Carvill, on behalf of JMT Fostering
Donna Cunningham, The MCR Pathways Foundation
Donna Gray, Shetland Island Council
Donna McEwan, CYCJ
Donna McGowan, Care Visions
Dougie Gould, Care Visions
Douglas Hardy, Moore House Care and Education
Douglas Millar
Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh, University of Edinburgh
Dr Brodie Paterson on behalf of CALM Training
Dr Vicki Welch, CELCIS
Drew Smith, MSP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow
Edel Harris, Cornerstone
Elaine Aitken, Shetland Islands Council
Elaine Cameron, West Lothian Council
Elaine Gerrard, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
Elaine McIntosh, Care Visions
Elaine Mead, NHS Highland
Elaine Smith MSP, MSP for Coatbridge and Chryston
Eleanor Loughran, Inverclyde Council
Elise Methven, Fife Council
Elizabeth-Anne Collier,  MCR Pathways (MCR Charitable Foundation)
Ellie Hague, Fife Council
Ellie Lawrence, Who Cares? Scotland
Elsa Hamilton, Education Services, Inverclyde
Elsa McLaughlin, Social Work
Emily van Tonder, Throughcare and Aftercare, Continuing Care, Shetland Islands Council
Emma on behalf of East Renfrewshire Council
Emma Young, CELCIS
Eona Craig on behalf of Articulate (Scotland) Limited
Erica Barr, East Ayrshire Council
Erin Ross, Glasgow University Students' Representative Council
Euan Baxter, Who Cares? Scotland
Evelyn Campbell on behalf of Inverness Collehm, UHI
Ewan Ross, CELCIS
Fiona Andrews on behalf of UWS
Fiona Bennett, Barnardos
Fiona Dyer, CYCJ
Fiona Liddle
Fiona Mossman, CELCIS
Francis Gordon Stinson on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council ThroughcareServices
Fraser Chalmers, Kibble Education and Care Centre
Gail Connick, St Josephs Primary, Inverclyde
Gary Paterson, University of Strathclyde Students' Association
Gavin Leitch, Crannoch Residential Child Care
Gayle Rice, Iriss
Gemma Watson, Care Inspectorate
George MacCallum, Bridgeway Care Services
Georgio Bleas, NLC
Gerry McDonnell, University of Strathclyde Students Association
Gill Douglas, Dean and Cauvin Trust
Gill Douglas, Dean and Cauvin trust / Barnardo’s 16 plus
Gillian Kirkwood, Y sort it
Gillian Mcintosh
Gillian Smith, on behalf of Our Story
Gordon Main, CELCIS
Grace Fletcher, East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Graeme Dey MSP
Graeme Galloway on behalf of Police Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway Division
Graham M Matthews on behalf of Snowdon House, Snowdon School Ltd
Graham McPheat, University of Strathclyde
Graham Taylor, Care Visions
Grant Ager, on behalf of Fairfield Housing Co-operative
Hanna Didcock on behalf of Children’s Parliament
Harvey Gallagher, Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers
Hazel Keith, Care Visions
Hazel Reid, Foster Carer
Heather Gray, Loretto Care
Heather Henderson     on behalf of Moray College UHI
Heather Hunter, Includem
Helen Canning on behalf of Ayrshire College
Helen Hunter, Quarriers
Helen Martin on behalf of NHS
Highland Community Planning Partnership
Holly Bartlett on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council
Hugh Logan, Principal and Chief Executive on behalf of Fife College
Iain Gray, Scottish Labour
Iain MacRItchie, MCR Pathways
Ian Colgan
Ian Kevan, Care Visions
Ian Russell, West Dunbartonshire Council
Ioana Boldis       
Irene Campbell, NHS Lanarkshire
Irene Rodgers, Dumfries and Galloway Council
Isabelle Beaudoin, INESSS
Izzy Taylor
Jack Ryan, Columba 1400
Jackie Baillie MSP, Scottish Labour
Jackie Dowall, Dundee City Council
Jackie Flynn
Jackie Irvine, on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council
James Dockrell, Care Visions
James Kiddie, Aberdeen City Council
James O'Neill
Jamie Britt, Supporter
Jan Philip, Rossie Young People's Trust
Jane Alexander, on behalf of Dumfries & Galloway Council Primary Education
Jane Kelly, Care Inspectorate
Jane O'Rorke, University of the West of Scotland
Janet Weir, Falkirk Council
Janis Rodden
Jasmine Urquhart, Aberdeen City Council
Jason Smith, Y-Sort-It    
Jason Sweeney, RCS
Jayne Baxter, Member of Scottish Parliament
Jean Cameron, West Dunbartonshire Council
Jean Cullen, North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Jean Linning, North Lanarkshire Council
Jen MacKenzie on behalf of Borders College
Jennifer Davidson, on behalf of CELCIS
Jennifer McKean, East Renfrewshire Council
Jennifer Millington,  Crossroads Care - Skye and Lochalsh
Jigjit Kaur, Tait Staf
Jill Davie on behalf of West Lothian College
Jill Robb, Aberlour
Jim Fletcher, Leader of the Council on behalf of East Renfrewshire Council
Jim Gibson, SBC Throughcare/Aftercare Team
Jim Hymas on behalf of Scottish Fire and Rescue
Jim McCarroll, Perth and Kinross Council
Jimmy Paul, NHS NSS
Joan McAlpine MSP
Joanna Cherry MP
Joanne Docherty, West Dunbartonshire Council
Joanne Glennoe, Y People
Joanne Inglis, NHS A and A Public Health
Joanne MacCulloch, Barnardos Springboard TCAC
Johanna Boyd on behalf of Stirling Council
John Arthur, Inverclyde Council
John Corall, Aberdeen City Council
John Cran, Oilean (Training and Nurture) Ltd
John Divers, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
John Kerr, Children Hearings Scotland        
John MacDonald, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
John McClelland, on behalf of Skills Development Scotland
John McCran, Edinburgh College
John McLennan, Inverclyde Council
John Morrison, Edinburgh Napier University
John Thomson, Young Foundations
John Thorne, Glasgow School of Art
John Trainer on behalf of Renfrewshire Council Children's Services
John W. Mundell, Inverclyde Council, CEO
John Watson
Joyce White, on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council
Judith Furnivall, CELCIS
Julian Innes, Police Scotland
Julie Allardyce, SLC
Julie Murray, Fife Council
June Howe, Aspire Scotland Ltd
Karen Fleming, Social Work
Karen Mcculloch, Includem
Karen Pirie on behalf of South Lanarkshire College
Karon, Argyll and Bute Council
Kasey Gallagher on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council
Kate Harrison
Kate Watson, Ed Psych Service, Inverclyde
Kathleen Mulvey, SRCCWA
Kathleen Quinn
Kathryn Nicolson, West Dunbartonshire Council    
Katie Matthews, East Renfrewshire HSCP
Kausar Heaney, Renfrewshire Council Throughcare and Aftercare Service
Kayleigh Robb, North Ayrshire Throughcare
Kelly, Life Changes Trust
Kenneth Gibson MSP
Kenny McGhee, CELCIS
Kenny McMahon, West Dunbartonshire Council    
Kerri Yorkston
Kevin Lee, Kibble Education and Care Centre
Kevin Mulholland, Economic Development, Inverclyde Council
Kevin Smith, Renfrewshire Council
Kevin Stewart MSP, Scottish Parliament
Kezia Dugdale MSP, Scottish Labour
Kim McGinley
Kimberley Hankin, Fife Council
Kirsten Oswald MP
Kirsty MacKenzie, Argyll and Bute Council
Kitty Connor, Clauran Service, Barnardos
Klaudia Grubska, on behalf of Shetland College UHI
Kristina O'Neill, Argyll and Bute Council
Laura Beveridge, Who Cares? Scotland
Laura Burton, Strathclyde social work student
Laura Martin, Social Worker, Argyll and Bute Council
Laura Mckechnie, Move On
Laura Porter, Clan Child Law
Laura Sharp
Laura Steckley, CELCIS
Laura Stewart, Police Scotland
Laura Wood, Fife Council
Lauren Hudson
Laurence Alfred on behalf of Camphill School, Aberdeen
Leeanne Yeo, Who Cares? Scotland
Leisa McQuade, Dundee City Council
Leith Forsyth, University of Aberdeen
Lena Carter, Argyll and Bute Council
Leni Rademacher,  Falkirk Council
Leona McDermid
Lesley Sneddon, CELCIS
Lesley-Anne Gemmell
Lewis Macdonald MSP, Scottish Parliament
Liam Flockhart, listen 2 us
Lianna Pellegrini, Kibble
Linda Burnie
Linda Morgan, Kibble
Linda, West Dunbartonshire Council
Lisa Ann Kennedy, CELCIS
Lisa Veitch,  Care Visions
Liz Reilly, Inverclyde HSCP
Lorna Jenkins on behalf of West Lothian College
Lorne Berkley, Quarriers
Lorraine McMillan on behalf of East Renfrewshire Council
Louie Tedford, CELCIS
Louise Hill, CELCIS
Louise Laing
Louise Long on behalf of Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership
Louise Piaskowski
Luan Sanderson
Luke Suddaby, Dean and Cauvin Trust
Lyn Mitchell, West Dunbartonshire Council 
Lyndsey Robb, North Lanarkshire Council
Lynsey Emery
Maddy Halliday on behalf of Life Changes Trust
Maggie Jackson, West Dunbartonshire Council
Maggie Paterson, Inverclyde Council
Mags Solomon, Inverclyde HSCP
Mairi Damer, Word Up Communications
Mairi McFarlane, Inverclyde Council
Mandy Scott, East Ayrshire HSCP
Manjeet Gill on behalf of The Corner, Health, Information and Peer-led Services for young people
Marcus Wilson, Ambulance Service
Margaret Adams, Care Visions
Margaret McCulloch MSP for Central Scotland
Margaret McLeod, YouthLink Scotland
Margaret McMullen, South Lanarkshire
Margaret Wallace, SCVO
Maria McGinley, University of Strathclyde
Marian Flynn, CELCIS
Marian Lang, Dean and Cauvin Trust
Mario Valerio, Clackmannanshire Council
Marion Foley, Care Visions
Mark Ballard, Barnardo's Scotland
Mark Brown on behalf of Mark Brown Programmes
Mark Heron
Mark Howie, Stirling Council
Mark Macmillan, Renfrewshire Council
Martin McAdam,  North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Mary Anne Webb, Barnardo's NI
Mary Guthrie, St Marys Primary, Inverclyde
Mary Hamilton on behalf of DEAP Limited
Mary Holt    
Mary-Jean Devon on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council
Maureen Cassidy, Care Visions
Maureen Kilday    
May Seaman, East Ayrshire Council Social Work
MCR Pathways    
Mhairi Black MP
Michael Greig, City of Edinburgh Family Based Care
Michael Hutchison, Aberdeen City Council
Michael McMahon MSP, Scottish Labour
Michelle Drumm, Iriss
Michelle McCue, CELCIS
Mike Buntrock, East Ayrshire Council
Mike Rodden, Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum
Moira Watson, CHS
Morven Jackson, Barnardos
Nadine Fowler, University of Stirling
Nancy Downie, Barnados 16+ Glasgow
Naomi Selim, Dean and Cauvin Trust
Natalie McLelland, North Ayrshire Throughcare
Natalie Smith, Care Visions
Neil Copland, Aberdeen City Council
Neil Findlay MSP
Neil McMillan on behalf of Nether Johnstone House
Nicki McLaughlin on behalf of Care Visions Why Not?
Nicola Hornsby, NHS Fife/Fife Council
Nicola Robertson, Argyll & Bute Council
Nicola Smith on behalf of Barnardo's 16+ Edinburgh
Nicole Harley, Action for Children
Norma Corlette, on behalf of Staf
Padraig McAtarsney, East Renfrewshire Council
Pam Crosthwaite
Pam Hutchison, Moorehouse Care and education
Pam McCarthy, Inverclyde HSCP
Pamela Graham, Staf
Pamela Kidd on behalf of Dean and Cauvin Trust
Pamela Morrison, CYCJ
Pat Reid, Heriot-Watt University
Pat Robertson, Gourock, Primary, Inverclyde
Patricia Ferguson MAP
Patricia Nicol, East Ayrshire Council
Paul Edwards, Perth and Kinross Council
Paul Gray, on behalf of NHS Scotland
Paul Johnson, Moray Alcohol and Drugs Partnership
Paul Kylem Argyll & Bute Council
Paul Lawley, East Lothian Council
Paul Orr, on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council
Paul Orr, Staf
Paula Campbell, Who Cares? Scotland
Paula Montgomery, Why Not? (Care Visions)
Pauline Connelly, Tremanna Children’s Home, Falkirk Council
Pauline Davidson, Inverclyde Council, Children and Families
Pauline Stewart, Care Visions
Peter Finn, Glasgow City Council, Leaving Care Services
Peter Irons, East Ayrshire Council
Peter Walker, Argyll and Bute Council
Phil Garnier, Citizen's Advice Bureau
Prof Andrea Nolan, on behalf of Edinburgh Napier University
Professor Sir Jim McDonald on behalf of University of Strathclyde
Rachael Murray
Rachael Murray, St Philips School
Rachel Farrier, on behalf of Street Legal
Rachel Happer, National Confidential Forum
Rachel Hyslop on behalf of Glasgow Caledonian University
Raymond Carruth,  Renfrewshire council
Regan Jackson, Dumfries & Galloway Council
Rhiann MacLeod, Aberdeen City Council
Rhoda Grant, Scottish Parliament
Rhona Hindle on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council
Richard Costigan, Dean and Cauvin Trust
Richie Dunlop, Care Visions
Robert Bayne, Mid Lothian Council
Robert Lamb, Education Services, Inverclyde
Robert Manson, Shetland Islands Council
Robert Porter, CELCIS
Robin McGregor, North East Scotland College
Robyn Dearden, Who Cares? Scotland
Roger Mullin MP
Rona Gold, Argyll and Bute Council, Community Planning
Ronnie Mahoney on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council
Rose Brown on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council
Roslyn Clark, Aberdeen City Council
Ruairi Hunter, Staf
Ruth Allan, Care Visions
Saara Watkins, Foster Care Associates Scotland
Saffron Rohan, Staf/Voices
Saira Walker
Sally Egan on behalf of NHS Lothian
Sandra Black on behalf of Renfrewshire Council
Sara Brown, Who Cares? Scotland
Sarah Boyack MSP, Scottish Parliament
Sarah McLean, East Ayrshire Council
Scott Adams, West Dunbartonshire Council
Scott Campbell, West College Scotland
Scott Hunter, Shetland Islands Council
Sean Wilson, YPICC
Selina Ross, WDCVS
Sharon Edwards, Who Cares? Scotland
Sharon Freeman Queens Cross Housing Association Youth Homelessness Service
Sharon Kane, Venture Trust
Shaune Crosbie, Highland Council
Shirley Brown, Throughcare and Aftercare
Shirley Cairney, Inverclyde Council
Shonagh Speirs, Includem
Simon Lynch
Simon Rivett, Western Isles Children's Panel
Simone Smith, The Voices/STAF
Siobhan McMahon MSP
Sofija Tkacenko on behalf of Renfrewshire Council
Stacey de Koning, Cairn Mhor, Fife
Steve Barron, Highland Council
Steven Rodden
Stewart Kerr, Stirling social sevices department
Stuart Cooper, East Ayrshire Council
Stuart Donaldson, MP Member of Parliament
Stuart Jacob, Falkland House School
Stuart Provan, Quarriers
Susan Kayes, Lanarkshire NHS
Susan Pollock, on behalf of St Philip's Residential School
Susan Pollock, St Philip's School
Susan Seidel-Hood, Argyll and Bute Council
Susie Byrne, West Dunbartonshire Council  
Suzann Barr, Children Hearings
Suzanne Kay, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Suzanne Longster, Throughcare and Aftercare, Argyll and Bute Council
Sylvia, Up-2-Us
Tam Baillie Children and Young People Commissioner, Scotland
Tarzan Bhebhe, Cairn Mhor Childcare Partnership
The Care Inspectorate  
Thomas Kilday, North Lanarkshire Council
Tim Martin, Army Cadet Force
Tim Martin, Children's Panel
Tom Niccolls, Argyll & Bute Council
Tommy Brannigan, Up-2-Us
Tommy McDade, Barnardo's
Toni Giugliano
Tracey Jarvis
Tracey Taylor, Highland Council
Tracy Ann McMillan, Who Cares? Scotland
Tracy Gordon, Inverclyde Council, Children and Families
Varghese Paul, Aberdeen City Council
Vicki Burns, Y People
Wayne Dignam, Care Leavers' Network, Ireland
Wendy McAdam
William Blyth, Fife Council
Wilma Kennedy on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council
Yvonne Farquhar, Renfrewshire Council